About The Author

I am a work-at-home self-[un]employed business student living off a tiny income, yet I still get super cool stuff all the time. Penny-pinchery has become a higher art form for me since I quit my day job, but I have fond memories of counting nickels and pennies to buy Whole Foods-brand sodas in high school, and I've always taken pride in getting the best possible deal on the best possible items!
Aside from working on my 2 blogs, writing articles, doing schoolwork, attending Virtual Labs on Etsy, and participating in the several teams to which I belong (also on Etsy), I enjoy writing fan fiction for BellasDiary.com, coming up with snarky comments at Regretsy, and creating delightful images for Regretsy viewers to cheer or jeer. Sometimes I'm awarded the accolade of "Comment of the Day" - I make that happen in my artistic ability.

In addition to my mad writing skills, which should be obvious, I also happen to dabble in jewelry-making, graphic design, and cat-worshipping (just kidding ... sort of). I have no cavities and am generally perfect.

Find me out there in the great big internet:

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