Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Custom blush palette, swatches and review

One of the [many, many] things I bought during my trip to England and Holland earlier this year was a custom blush palette from UK brand Fashionista.
Empty Fashionista palette
The palette, which costs £5, is a near-square 3.5x3.75" and each blush or eyeshadow contains 2.5g of product. At the full retail price of £4 each (about $6.30), that is a good value! The palette itself won't work with any other depotted cosmetics - it's specifically made to hold the Fashionista pans - but it is well-made and sturdy plastic with a really nice, large mirror. (For some reason I have no picture of the front cover of the palette.)
Custom palette and four blush pans in packaging
I wanted a blush palette specifically, but there are also eyeshadows made to fit this palette. There are a lot of options, including baked blushes, as you can see here, but the names are not always accurate to the actual color, so I'd definitely recommend swatching in-store if you can.
Clockwise from top left: Blushing (Shade 9), Flush (Shade 7), Rose Thrill (Shade 3), Blushing Coral (Shade 5)
Here are the four colors I bought, clockwise from top left: Blushing (Shade 9), Flush (Shade 7), Rose Thrill (Shade 3), and Blushing Coral (Shade 5). I think it's a nice mix of neutral/ natural and bright colors! They're all matte, or satin finish, because shimmery blushes do not work well on me.
Swatches, heavy swipe at left and blended swatch on the right, on otherwise bare skin L-R: Blushing (Shade 9), Flush (Shade 7), Rose Thrill (Shade 3), Blushing Coral (Shade 5); direct sunlight, no flash
I really, really like these, and this palette is one of my favorite purchases from that trip. I'd say Blushing and Blushing Coral are my favorites of the four, while Flush works really well as a contour/blush and Rose Thrill is bright and fun! They apply smoothly, and they kick up a bit of dust if you're not careful with your brush.

If you're not in the UK and can't check them out instore, head over to the Fashionista section on the Superdrug website (some of the nail polish colors look really pretty!! Last time I was in England I bought way too many nail polishes, though ... must resist). They're often on sale, in fact they were 2 for 3 or something when I bought these!

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