Friday, April 13, 2012

Swatches of six My Pretty Zombie eyeshadows and one blush

One of sellers I really like, but have not yet given as much attention as they deserve, is My Pretty Zombie (MPZ) - an indie makeup company with an incredibly fun (though morbid!) brand image.
MPZ haul
 Decapitated fingers make their creepy way into a lot of MPZ packages xD

I ordered three samples a while back, during a sale, but the normal price for a set of three eyeshadow samples is definitely worth it as well: $3 with only $0.64 domestic shipping. These came in a regular card envelope with some protective wrapping, and I had no problems with leakage or damage at all. Each sample baggie held a very generous amount of eyeshadow.
L-R: Hoof and Mouth, Bridezilla, and Anthrax eyeshadow samples
The samples I ordered were Hoof and Mouth from the Husbandry Afflictions mini-collection, Bridezilla from a LE collection that is no longer for sale, and Anthrax from the Husbandry Afflictions trio.
Swatches over Pixie Epoxy, L-R: Hoof and Mouth, Bridezilla, and Anthrax; direct sunlight, no flash
All three colors are so pretty it almost hurts. Hoof and Mouth is a reddish purple with scattered lime green sparkle, the more subtle version of Anthrax, which is a darker, more cool-toned bruise purple with a strong green duochrome.
Swatches over Pixie Epoxy, L-R: Hoof and Mouth, Bridezilla, and Anthrax; direct sunlight, no flash 
I also love Bridezilla, a soft white with yellow-green sparkle. I use it a lot as a highlight shade. So much that I actually transferred it to an empty eyeshadow jar for easier usage, and was pleasantly surprised by how much product was in my sample!

More recently, I ordered some goodies to give away (eventually ^_^;) and got a few more samples for myself.
Top L-R: Miasma, Disquiet, and Infirmity eyeshadow samples; bottom: MDMA blush sample
I ordered a sample of MDMA blush, and Miasma, Disquiet, and Infirmity were included with my order as free samples.
Swatches over Pixie Epoxy, L-R: Miasma, Disquiet, and Infirmity; direct sunlight, no flash
Now, I rarely wear yellow eyeshadow, but Miasma might change that. It's SO pretty - soft daffodil yellow with a baby pink duochrome! And Disquiet is a really neat color that reminds me of a tropical beach, with its shift between pale aqua and sea green.
Swatches over Pixie Epoxy, L-R: Miasma, Disquiet, and Infirmity; direct sunlight, no flash 
And then there's Infirmity (from the Blue Period Trio) ... which is STUNNING. The base color, a rich peacock teal, is beautiful on  its own, but then you add in the golden-green shimmer and .. wow, just wow. It's such a fantastic shade!

Finally, the MDMA sample. This blush was requested by Luna of Toxid Lotus. I had it in my mind that it was meant to be an indie version of NARS Orgasm, but I'm not sure about that. The description does sound a bit like Orgasm - rosy pink with a golden afterglow - but in reality, this is way brighter and more lively than the NARS classic!
MDMA swatched heavily (L) and blended out (R) over otherwise bare skin; direct sunlight, no flash
MDMA is more of a bubblegum pink, with very visible gold shimmer. It actually looks less glittery on my face than it did in this swatch, and really pretty in general. I can see why so many people love it :)

Most of the MPZ samples I have are duochrome colors, which I love, but there are also some neutrals, mattes, and even nail polish in the shop. (You can choose which eyeshadow colors you want turned into nail polish!) And it's MPZ week at Toxid Lotus, so be sure to check her blog for FOTD posts featuring some of these items :)


  1. Woow! Infirmity, Miasma, Anthrax and MDMA blush look amazing!

  2. I LOVE MPZ!! I agree, they do NOT get enough attention at all.


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