Friday, April 6, 2012

Mistress 9 look for Sailor Moon collab

Here's part 2 of the Sailor Moon collaboration: villains!
I chose Mistress 9 for my villain (and not just because she looks so much like Rei/ Mars, my fave scout). She's from the Death Busters (or Bureau of Bad Behavior), a group whose goal is to bring Pharaoh 90 to Earth to smother the entire world, ending all life and creating The Silence.
Characters in the Death Busters storyline - click to enlarge
This is one of the most interesting plots in Sailor Moon, IMO. Sailor Saturn, who has not yet awakened and is still living only as the "civilian" Hotaru Tomoe, is possessed by Mistress 9 thanks to her father's desperate attempt to keep her alive. Although Dr. Tomoe managed to save Hotaru, he also cursed them both to be possessed by the bad guys, and if they get their way, every living thing on Earth will be destroyed anyway.
When Mistress 9 finally becomes strong enough to completely take over Hotaru's body, she goes from a frail child's body to that of a grown woman. Of course, as soon as she manages to let Pharaoh 90 into the Earth, she is destroyed ...
She bears the mark of the Death Busters, a black star, on her forehead, and her lips are an odd shade of grayish lilac gloss. She wears pearls on her top and in her ears.

Okay, setting aside the ridiculosity of the Photoshopped-black wig ... xD
Slightly insane face of the day, March 5, 2011
I ran out of time to get inspired for this look, so I just did a bit of a cosplay thing - trying to look as much like the character as possible. Somehow I forgot that the star on her forehead is very small (and I should have taken the minute or two I'd need to make a stencil, instead of trying to freehand it T___T)!

The earrings are from my shop; I missed them somehow when I was transferring from Etsy to Storenvy. And I used a few different lip products to try to match hers, but the color was more difficult to match than I thought it would be.
Anime eyes!
The freaky eyebrows were a sad attempt to mimic hers, and the eyeliner is really the only thing I'm happy with! I also gave myself violet anime eyes with Photoshop :3

Products used:
Please don't let the crappiness goofiness of my look put you off checking out the other girls' looks! You can find their links here (updated as people post their looks).

I almost forgot!!! How awesome is this Mistress 9/ Hotaru Tomoe cosplay?!


  1. Erin this look really captures Mistress 9. Great job!

  2. Your liner looks awesome. =]

  3. um, totally not crap! I can't believe you managed to freehand a star like that, and I love the shopped anime eye! you did a great job with the brows, and I like the spokes on the liner. Mistress 9 was one of my favorite villains!

  4. Wow!!! amazing anime eyes!! Fantastic!

  5. Minimalistic yet flawless work, loving the liner

  6. She has the simplest look and you got it, dead on :) Fantastic!!!!!

  7. It's perfect! I actually really like your eyebrows like that.

  8. Love the liner, and definitely ties in everything about Mistress 9. Beautifully done!

  9. Mistress 9 doesn't have a super crazy costume or makeup, so I think your look fits your character great! I love the cosplay-style look, and your eyeliner is awesome.


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