Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sailor Jupiter-inspired look for Sailor Moon collab!

This is an exciting day: the day of round 1 of the Sailor Moon collaboration! I love Sailor Moon, both the TV show and the original, far superior books drawn by Naoko Takeuchi. A bunch of other girls (see the complete list with links to their posts here) and I jumped at Mai's suggestion of doing Sailor Moon-inspired looks in honor of the show's 20th anniversary, and we're each doing one good guy and one baddie. Sailor Jupiter is my good guy!
Jupiter is not the Scout I most identify with - that would be Mars, and Neptune is another fave of mine - but we're both brunettes and I like her color combo! Plus, I just got this in the mail a couple of days ago ...
Book 4 available at
... the newest edition of the re-translated manga, with Jupiter on the cover :3 Bonus: Since I pre-ordered off Amazon while I still had my free student Prime membership, despite the fact that my membership expired at the end of 2011, I still got free shipping on this (but it was standard shipping instead of 2-day).
Bit of background on Jupiter - she's a surprisingly complex character for a show aimed at 14-year-olds! What I mean by that is that although she is the physically largest and strongest of the Senshi, and is a bit of a tomboy who loves sports and always wears her hair in a messy ponytail, she is also a romantic, very feminine and a great cook. So kudos to SM for not putting her in the "tomboy so musn't enjoy girly stuff" box!
Jupiter (Makoto/ Lita) wears a different school uniform from the other girls though she attends the same school, because she is too big for their uniforms. Her personality matches her no-nonsense appearance - she's very honest, cheerful and mellow. She is also a great friend, very caring and sweet. She has a weakness for boys who look like her ex-boyfriend, and often gets her heart broken (at least in the TV series).
Jupiter's colors are pink and green; she wears rose-shaped stud earrings in both the manga and TV show, is often shown with roses or rose petals in the manga, and even had an attack that used flower petals. Aside from that and her physical strength, her powers are based off thunder and lightning.
She's definitely fierce! Yet at the same time, she has a heart of gold and is almost more innocent than the rest because of her openness and honesty.

Enough talk, here's the look I did to represent Sailor Jupiter!
Sailor Jupiter-inspired EOTD
 Please pretend the "lashes" are even on both sides ^_^
Closeup: Sailor Jupiter-inspired EOTD
I used green and brown on my eyes, and the green (Hidden Present by Innocent + Twisted Alchemy) actually has pink sparkles in it, though you can't tell from my pics. The brown in the crease (Makoto by Persephone Minerals, very appropriate) also has a green duochrome, as does the light brown on the inner third of my lids. Since my eyes are not forest green like Jupiter's, I used Shiro's Link over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk on my waterline for a pop of that deep green color. And I did my best to draw cartoony lashes since anime is all about the gigantic eyes xD
I suck at ponytails. Sailor Jupiter-inspired FOTD
Since I didn't have the rose earrings (despite them being fairly easy to find, and/ or make), I stuck scrapbooking accents on some earring studs :P They're pink, they're ... vaguely flower-shaped ... it works. The rose-colored blush and lip gloss I used both have a subtle green duochrome, though of course it doesn't show here!

Products used:
I will definitely do more Sailor Moon posts in the future - some all of the artwork by Naoko Takeuchi is just too beautiful not to share, and I could jabber about the story and characters all day :)

Be sure to check out all the other girls' looks too!


  1. You are adorable in every way. I love the eyeliner lashes!

  2. Love the look! I'll be sure to check out the others, for sure!

  3. cuuute! I love the lashes on the ends

  4. very pretty--Love your cartoon lashes!
    I agree the manga is by far the best version (and most beautiful) and also with your feelings for Makoto/Lita; she is such a sweet and nurturing person, and at the same time will dropkick someone in a second. Last note, so jealous of that you got Book 4! I've been thinking about ordering the re-translated volumes for a while!

  5. Super adorable & perfect colors too!

  6. Your look turned out awesome ;)

  7. Darn it, why do you never wear skirts that short? :(

  8. You're such a beautiful woman, I'm about to cry D:!!!
    I agree with Phyrra, the look turned out awesome!

  9. Beautiful! I love the way you did the liner! Amazing!

  10. I love this! Makoto/Lita is actually one of my favorite characters in the series because she is so sweet and genuine. She would do anything for her friends! What a great look and I love the 'drawn on' lashes :-D

  11. Love it, especially the drawn on lashes! I wanna try that :D

    So nostalgic for Sailor Moon right now, after seeing these amazing collabs!

  12. I love your little faux lashes at the outer corner, so cuteeee

  13. Very cute and Sailor Jupiter-like!!


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