Tuesday, September 7, 2010

HALF off Pacifica perfumes!

As a perfume junkie, imagine my dismay upon learning that Sephora was out of Pacifica's Waikiki Pikake today. The kind salesgirl (first one I've ever encountered at Sephora, btw) informed me that Whole Foods carries this brand as well. Off I went to find my perfume!

But - lo! Whole Foods had shove their tiny stock of Pacifica items onto a standing rack! Why the mistreatment? Because Whole Foods will no longer be carrying this brand, all of their remaining stock is now 50% off!!!

You may need to find a store associate to back you up on this, as it's NOT marked anywhere - secret sale!

So now you know. Go forth and enjoy, bargain hunters!

PS - Nope, they did not have Waikiki Pikake. But who could resist the siren call of 50% off Pacifica perfumes?? I bought myself a spray bottle of Lotus Gardens instead, for just $11!
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